Berta’s Family Reiterates Call for IACHR Investigation Despite Capture of Alleged Culprits

May 5, 2016

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1) The Honduran government made a surprise announcement on Monday morning claiming to have caught the culprits that assassinated Berta. The most impressive detail is that they were able to snap many well-posed photos of the culprits and clearly defined ATIC agents on hand.

This took place as Berta’s mother, Austra Bertha Flores nervously waited by the radio for details, she was desperate to find out if they had arrested any COPINH members. The government doesn’t have the decency to give the family details which they have a right to have as victims as allowed by Honduran law. Yet, they have their photographers at the ready.

Despite this show, we continue our call for an independent international investigation for these and many other reasons:

— It wasn’t until 11 days after Bertita’s the assassination – after much pressure from the family — that Honduran authorities actually claim they went DESA to conduct a search.
— Those conducting the investigation may actually be complicit in the murder.
— There are no details except what is leaked to a pro-government press, namelyEl Heraldo which is owned by the pro-coup Canahuati family.

As the family has stated since the assassination, the Honduran government clearly lacks the veracity and political will to conduct a just, thorough and professional investigation. This is why the family emphatically continues to call for an independent international investigation conducted by IACHR as stated here. If the Attorney General’s office and its agency have carried out their work correctly, there should be no fear of having the commission that the IACHR has already made available begin its investigation immediately.

2) Several of those allegedly involved in Berta’s assassination are active in the Honduran military and there’s good reason to believe that they belonged to a part of this US-military trained unit.

3) 58 Members of Congress also called on Sec. Kerry for the involvement of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in the investigation into the March 3, 2016 killing of Honduran human rights defender Berta Cáceres.

“I am encouraged by the arrests made yesterday, but in high-profile human rights cases like this, we know that initial arrests do not always lead us to the true perpetrators,” said Congresswoman Norma J. Torres (D-CA), the founder and co-chair of the Central America Caucus. “Allowing the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to look into this case would be a clear sign that the government is truly serious about getting to the bottom of what happened.”

4) Bertha Cáceres Zúniga and COPINH members are completing a tour through Europe, here’s clip from a well-known supporter in Barcelona.

5) And lastly, in case you missed this, there is a petition to recall Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez which we vehemently encourage you to sign and share.

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