Berta Cáceres: September 2, 6 Months On

Friday September 2nd just before midnight Honduras time (Sept. 3 EST) is the 6-month anniversary of Berta’s assassination, and nothing has changed in the investigation. The government has still not captured the intellectual authors, nor have they provided any new information to the family about the proceedings as we have a right to under the Honduran constitution (Article 16).

There are events planned in La Esperanza, Honduras where Berta’s family lives. But, if you can’t be there then we hope you will join us on social media by sharing videos, news reports, and statements from those who worked with Berta who supported indigenous, civil, human and environmental rights.

We encourage you to use the hashtags listed below and help us create a whirlwind online atmosphere calling on support of for the Berta Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act HR5474 in Congress and for the government of Honduras to allow an international independent investigation into her assassination as has been requested by her family and many on Capitol Hill including Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont.



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