Statement from the family of Berta Cáceres on Honduran government deception

It has been 15 months since the assassination of our beloved Berta and the Honduran government continues to obfuscate, delay and impede justice. Our family and our legal team have repeatedly requested documents pertaining to the case that we – by law as a private prosecutor — have a right to have. Yet, the Attorney General and Pubic Ministry have refused to hand over relevant information, violating a court decision.

An example of the hubris with which they operate is that the hearing that began on April 19, 2017 was forced to suspension because the Public Ministry had not provided the family’s legal team with the necessary information.  The court stated the information would be provided on April 28, 2017, however this has yet to happen.   Our legal team went so far as to offer to pay for photocopies, and yet they still will not provide the information.  The legal team has also asked why the government did not seize certain relevant documents during raids conducted at DESA’s offices and is asking why they have not shared the information they did seize.

The government’s machinations illustrate exactly why there is a need for an independent international investigation as we — and the international community — have demanded since Berta’s assassination in early March of 2016.

We demand that the government stop covering up for the assassins and the yet-to-be captured intellectual authors. Is the government of Juan Orlando Hernandez afraid of where a legitimate, unobstructed investigation might lead? Who are they protecting?

We demand justice for Berta.

The Family of Berta Cáceres

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