Latest Update from Berta’s Family: Four Defendants to Stand Trial, Capture Coincides with visit to White House, FMO’s PR Fail

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Four Sent to Pre-trial Detention Ahead of Trial

The four defendants whom the government claims were responsible for the assassination of Berta Caceres were sent to the national penitentiary for pre-trial detention on Sunday. There is, of course, a considerable amount of danger for these men in jail where they could be easily eliminated. Berta Caceres’ family continues to call for an independent international organization conducted by IACHR because the government does not have the will, capacity or experience to investigate and convict not just the triggermen but the intellectual authors as well. Additionally, at least two of the defendants have strong ties to the military, and other state institutions have also been implicated which means the investigation has been seriously compromised.

Capture of Berta’s Alleged Assassins Coincides with Honduran President Visit to the White House

Last Monday (May 2) the Honduran authorities made the surprise announcement that they had caught suspects in the assassination and made sure photographers were there to capture it. On Tuesday (May 3) Juan Orlando Hernandez, the president of Honduras, appeared in Washington for a meeting with VP Biden and Pres. Obama. Was this an amazing coincidence after two months of “investigating,” (which included one week off for Easter) or is the Honduran government only interested in creating a show for the US?

FMO releases statement considering pulling out only if “credible connection” exists

FMO, one of several financiers of the Agua Zarca dam released a statement Monday (May 9) saying they would only pull out of Agua Zarca “…[I]f a credible connection between one of our clients and an act of murder were to be established.” This is a pathetic attempt to recover a shred of positive PR and regardless of whether there is in fact a “connection between one of our clients and an act of murder,” FMO – and any other investors — should not become involved in projects that kill, intimidate, or forcibly remove indigenous people from their lands.

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