Right-wing Website Blames “Foreigners for Inciting Violence and Hatred in Honduras”

The ruling elite and their right wing supporters are beginning to target international human rights observers, blaming them for the violence that the police and military instigated during COPINH’s peaceful protest in front of the Presidential House in Tegucigalpa on May 9.

From “Nos Queda Claro”:

A foreigner of Italian origin Giulia Fellin has infiltrated into the disorder staged by representatives of (COPINH) Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, yesterday at the Presidential House.

This is a clear lack of respect for all Hondurans who only want to live in peace, but to realize that a foreigner comes to perform vandalism in our nation we should be greatly disturb to the extent that we do not want those people residing in our land.

We call on the authorities to immediately expel from the country these people who do not belong in Honduras, that we consider harmful and only pose a danger and inciting violence and hatred.

The Hondurans can not allow these kind of brawls to continue smearing the image of the Honduran nation, not allowing foreigners to meddle in matters that concern them only citizens.

But Honduras is entitled to expel these people who come from other countries to carry out activities that destabilize the order of a nation.

(Link to original post at “Nos Queda Claro” which hides it’s true ownership)

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