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April 12, 2016

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This story just out from the New Yorker brings us up to date on where we are today: No Answers in the Murder of Berta Cáceres

It’s been five weeks since Berta’s assassination and the Honduran authorities have yet to identify the cowards who pulled the trigger, much less the intellectual authors.

Last week Berta’s daughter Bertha Zúniga Cáceres flew to Washington DC and was met by her cousin Silvio Carrillo who lives in Oakland. Víctor Fernández and Tomás Gómez arrived the following day. All were in Washington to testify at the Inter-American Commission Hearings on Human Rights. While in town, several of our NGO partners set up meetings with House and Senate groups on Capitol Hill, the World Bank, and with various other NGOs. Additionally, it was a good opportunity for interviews with various press agencies to spread the word about Berta’s work and provide updates on the situation in Honduras.

On Tuesday April 5th, a march and vigil, which included several of Berta Cáceres’ family members who reside in the Washington DC area, was held. The march took place from World Bank headquarters to the OAS Secretariat building on F street about three blocks away. Red and white carnations were distributed at the onset because it was the flower her daughters planted at her grave in La Esperanza on the month anniversary of her assassination.

The Washington Post wrote a piece on Berta’s daughter Bertha Zuniga taking up her mother’s mantle and her trip to DC.

This week, the Honduran Foreign Minister Arturo Corrales is in Washington DC but it’s unclear if it is simply routine business or a special trip based on the amount of negative publicity. It is understood that he is having at least one meeting with NGOs. We find it interesting that he has made time to go to Washington and meet with the OAS and NGOs but his government has yet to make time to meet or communicate directly with the family of Berta Cáceres in Honduras.

Lastly, we have a few new updates to our website and and now have a Facebook – Justice for Berta page, and you can follow us on Twitter @JusticeforBerta. You can donate to COPINH and Berta’s immediate family at BertaCaceres.org.

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The Family of Berta Cáceres

“Berta Cáceres no murió, se multiplicó”

PS – If you’d like to download the beautiful poster created by Design Action Collective/Innosanto Nagara click here.

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